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Special Note 'A' - Regarding CD#001-First Light of Mind - 1st Edition.

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In 1995 there was only 500 CDs printed of CD001 - First Light of Mind (1st Edition) ...... The purchase price per CD was a local market standard for independent albums of AUD$25.00. Postage and handling for each CD was an additional AUD$3.00 per CD.

Each purchase of a personal recording of CD001 (as distinct from those which were used in promotional actions,) was signed on the disk by me personally. A Deed of Ownership or as it became later, a Certificate of Appreciation with a customer number and date on the receipt was presented to a purchaser of the first edition, which was also personally signed.

This was a special thanks to those who helped to launch me forward on my musical pilgrimage. If anyone has not received a Certificate as yet please email me. The deadline for claiming one I had set at 10 years after the purchase date.

As there was so much trauma and uncalled for behaviour by those professing to be "promoters" and "marketers" of CD001, and who obtained one or more free CDs without thanks or favour, it is necessary to establish and protect the value of genuine customers of signed CDs and holders of a Deed of Ownership / Certificate of Appreciation by releasing no further recordings of CD001-1st Edition.

Special gift copies, which were in the main signed in the same way, will acquire a similar value.... with, I guess, a bit of an edge. Very few of those exist though. My personal contacts at the time were limited. 

email me anytime.


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