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Special Note - Regarding CD#002-White Clouds - 1st Edition.

It is curious what inspires one to do things.

Many pieces of music were recorded and in various stages of editing by the time I thought about compiling a second CD. Though "First Light of Mind" was done, I was aware that over time I would need to improve the quality of the recording as I learned more about sound technical work and other computer based skills. I had no money to do anything in particular so a lot of time passed as I continued composing more and trying to not compose as I settled into editing sessions of the pieces I thought might become part of the second CD.

I wanted to add more songs to CD 001, but there wasn't enough time to finish the editing on several more pieces I thought would fit into the CD, so I turned attention more fully to CD # 2. As I was given the idea that one CD doesn't get much attention from would be promoters, I would have to demonstrate that I was not just a "splash in the pan".

to be continued....


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