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After reading a definition, hit any browser back-button to return to your text. This list is for your enjoyment. Not as a substitute for the dictionary of the English language. This list of word descriptions is a "portrait of my viewpoint" for your entertainment. "Word Art".

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to index Acoustic :  Of or relating to sound, the sense of hearing, or the science of sound.

to index Acoustic Instrument :  Any instrument that can provide sound without the use of electronic amplification. An instrument that does not produce or enhance sound electronically - such as an acoustic guitar; an acoustic piano, a trumpet, a flute, a lute.

to index ARC
:  A word made up of the three letters from the words, Affinity, Reality and Communication. These observably make up the basic components of "understanding".

to index ARC in/of Music
:  The duplicability and value of music. How much you can like or love or understand the music. The music's appeal. It's intrinsic nature as an aesthetic message.

to index Art : Expression of skill and style. Art is a word that summaries the quality of a communication / communications.

to index ASF  and  ASX Files:  ASF (Advanced Streaming Format) is a streaming media format [developed by Microsoft]. ASF files may contain audio, video, and more. The ASF file is the actual media file, containing video, audio, etc. The ASX file is a metafile...  a file which contains data about another file. In this case it is a simple text file containing a reference to an ASF file. The purpose of an ASX file is to activate the ASF file to stream. more...

to index Be-Do-Have : Something that makes up the essential parts of livingness. One must BE [ position] to DO [act] to HAVE [product]. There is a relationship between these three aspects to Start-Change-Stop, Affinity-Communication-Reality, Viewpoint-Consideration-Idea, Creator-creating-creation and many more.  (Artist-Composing-Music etc ????)

to index Beautiful :  Something is beautiful because it appears to cause a desirable effect on oneself. It is a consideration, a projection without objective reality. It is a spiritual endowment to perceive beauty - exciting intellectual or emotional admiration.

to index Being-ness :  The degree of presence of consciousness. The ultimate Having-ness. It is about Life not Existence. Existence is the Havingness. An organism is an example of a manifestation of life. Identity relates to some Category of Beingness and is not permanent. Beingness is permanent in any universe and based on consideration of presence and location. The quality of Beingness is what Soul is and relates to "mind", and virtually nothing to do with brain except where health and control of a body may be concerned.

to index Carrier
Wave :  From an electromagnetic wave that can be modulated, as in frequency, amplitude, or phase, to transmit speech, music, images, or other signals. Any material that provides a medium that can be acted upon to produce an effect. A paint on a canvas enables an idea to have form. A sound or voice manifests a "musical idea".

to index Characteristics
:  The effects created of a medium that is the product intended. Musical beauty is theta transmitted by the characteristics of the "voice and sound carrier" called music.

to index Clear
:   noun :Free from obscuration, blemish, confusion. Visible. Defined. Focused. Free from disturbance or interference. Without blame. Arrived. Qualified. Understood. Understanding.
                      verb :  To remove, as in erasure or deletion, what is not intended from the desired form. Edited till defined and without fuzziness. To erase. For example "clear the screen" means to erase everything on the display screen. Clear a variable means to remove whatever data is currently stored in/as the variable. To clear memory means to erase all data currently stored in memory.

to index Clear-edited :  A method of editing I conceived for myself in 1991 wherein the recorded music is "brought into focus" using a digital interface. Minute improvements [hopefully] in the music is brought about by patient and intensely focused editing sessions till the music being heard is as one originally desired it to be.... the final objective form - as was first inspired, without unwanted "musical imperfections".

to index Cognition :  A new concept from either a sudden synthesis of ideas or an apparently new concept arising from the disappearance of obscurations which occluded something once understood but forgotten. A moment of [usually surprising] recovery of understanding.

to index Communication : What was intended was received and duplicated or understood by another.

to index Compositional quality :  Music can be seen as having a distinct feel of "clear-ness". One can experience a perception of the degree of fine-ness in a musical communication. It is the compositional quality that determines the "duration of the effect" the music has.

to index Critical :  1. Characterized by careful, exact evaluation and judgment; examining and judging analytically and without bias. 2. Forming or having the nature of a turning point; crucial or decisive. 3. Being in or verging on a state of crisis or emergency. 4. Inclined to judge severely and find fault.

to index Criticise To discuss the merits or demerits of a thing or person; esp., to find fault.

to index Divine
:  The potential of cause before, and then made manifest. That by which something is made to move or act - by which a mechanism works or a reaction is powered. Postulate power or purpose execution on the level of thought, and it "takes advantage" of action and masses already on a course.

Pleasure (as a "goal") of various kinds, propels, drives or draws humans into all categories of actions. The reasons for any doingness is the motivation for the doingness. (The goal is usually a Havingness.) But the "start of action" (the divine source), follows the purpose set and is the will causing impulse. This is "to divine".. the verb. It is creation at its genus.

Sometimes confused with "good" or "holy". Yet the more ethical the divinity, the more effective and resolute. A just cause, (causation - the verb) as the result of an accurate judgment of karma, is the most powerful and effortless level of divination. It is as if automatic.
The source of divination is a "theta source". An aware source. Gadzooks! It's ALIVE! It is the source, the cause, the "the impulse" and the mover all in one.

to index
Divine source :   A source capable of divining... or bringing about "action' or "motion" and directing it's disposition. To understand Divine Source one has to particularly understand the nature of "Life Source" or Theta. Theta is not a mechanism or entity. It is a beingness. (Not a valence... identity) A unit of awareness is a theta source... a source of theta. It is divine because it has the native ability to divine; to create motion, or create "separations" and "unities"... or differences and similarities. [See music]

to index Duplicate the composers origination Essentially music is a communication... (just as all particles are on a communication line...) Music targets the feelings of the receiver and the intention behind the music is therefore to create an effect on the feelings of the receiver. Even if not "stated", the effect is dependent on the origination of the composer. Relying on some familiarity in the receiver, a composer expects a similar or same experience of the music in the receiver's universe. To have a duplication in the receiver is for the composer and receiver to experience a degree of affinity from the communication. As affinity equates to Beingness, both experience a generation of "life-energy"  Music is the food of life.

to index Eight Dynamics :  The division of the basic dynamic urge of life "to Survive", into eight equally important "sub" dynamics of survival. Thus a technique for assessing the rightness wrongness ratio of an action.

to index Empathise
:   To feel the same or like another - through understanding.
An individual's objective and insightful awareness of the feelings and behaviour of another person.

to index Entheta:   Unpleasant or negative communication or intentions.

to index Ethics :  Rationality of  action supporting the highest level of survival across the greatest number of dynamics. That which is enforced only by oneself. One's honour, good reason, and the intention toward implementation of optimum solutions along the eight dynamics.

to index Experience:   to immerse oneself in Havingness.

to index Fixed Medium
An intervening consistent substance through which something else is transmitted or carried upon.

to index Frequency
the measurement of the number of times that a repeated event occurs per unit Time.

to index Havingness the abilty to and the willingness to experience mass or pressure... The satisfaction or pleasure degree gained from an Experience - such as Music. Havingness can be related to the gift of the units of Time in a piece of music.

to index Idea : A portrait-of-beingness or understanding-containing experience or visualised experience or conceptualisation. A unique origination from a being which to persist is duplicated and perhaps received by another or other Beings who append it to time in a universe where the experience is converting into Havingness.

to index Idiosyncrasy :  Characteristics usually of a behavioural or functional nature, peculiar to something. They may be odd or just usual in relation to specific things.

to index Keyboard
:  Originally the word referred to one or more rows of keys that an operator would use to make something work, such as a typewriter, piano keyboard or computer keyboard. The word referred to just the board of keys. 

When synthesiser's appeared; devises that consisted of electronic parts that produced musical sounds; they were operated by buttons and switches.  Later a more familiar piano style arrangement of keys formed the new generation of operating interfaces; (key-boards).  The new instruments evolved into a powered device that held the keys and the electronics in one unit, that was responsive to a musician's fingertips. Thus the synthesiser was truly born.

The "cool" term "keyboard" modestly referred to the musician's possession of advanced electronics that looked like a real musical instrument and cost "the earth". As everything in the musical world evolves in the direction of what is "cool", a variety of terms at different times have evolved referring to objects, functions and activities in the world of music.

A piano with wire strings and note hammers is not producing sounds electronically, and is referred to as an acoustic instrument, not a keyboard or sequencer. A piano is referred to in "cool" terms as Ivories.

Thus a keyboard is usually compact musical device that produces musical sound with electronics.

to index Key-out :  To disengage. To move away from the influence of something or an influence ceases to have power.

to index Kindness From the word "kind", of which there are many derivatives... nouns, verbs and adjectives etc. A mostly ignored word of the English language in modern times, It is curious that something so precious yet so ignored, is defined in so many variations. In practice, in these last days - in "1st world countries", kindness is possibly regarded as a sign of weakness or "a soft touch".

A large proportion of the world's population would, at his time, have great difficulty in understanding the "whys" and "wherefores" regarding the subject of kindness. Examples of it are rarely seen in common practice throughout "developed" countries.

Kind or likeness, it is a reference to behaviour and attitude. It is somewhat difficult for some to contemplate "kindness" as it restimulates instances of the lack of it in their own lives and makes it a barely tolerable state of mind or mode of thought. It is not a source of sensual gratification in some societies too and could barely be found there.... examples here and here to illustrate the point.

It is about the perception of the wellbeing of another without expectation of reward or reciprocation. Further treatise on the topic can be found here.

to index Life Source :  A source that animates matter capable of animation - ie Lambda. Organic matter is Lambda. "Life" has been regarded in the last hundred years or so as biological activity, which is the evidence of the presence of life force - erroneously regarded as merely bio-chemical activity -whereas, biochemical activity is only possible where life force or theta is connected with the bio chemical's activity.

Bio-chemicals themselves do not imply bio-logical activity. Dead bio-chemicals cannot act as bio-logical (living material) but as chemical activity which is more related to the valences of elements. Live material contains "Life Energy", not just bio-chemical activity. Live material is alive and dead material is chemical or bio-chemical, the operations of which depend on a "lower order" of Theta Commandment or Valence - though biological and biochemical activity depend on a higher order of Theta Commandment than MEST, where Theta Commandment is as Dogma or Law.

to index Lossy Each time I convert a WAV file to an MP3 it means I am compressing or more accurately, removing "certain amounts of" the wav...

When joining the dots of a picture with lots of dots, you can practically make out what the picture is before you start to do the joining. But if you take one with lots of dots, remove some and give it to someone to do, you have made it harder for them to see the picture. If you remove a lot of dots it might be near impossible till the dots that are there, are joined up.

A sound wave or *.wav is the same. Bits are removed so that the file is reduced to say a 192 kilobits per second file. Even less is a 32kbps file. There is a point different for each listener, where one can detect that where "so much" is removed, the quality of the music, to the ear, suffers.

to index m3u file : See "Playlist m3u file"

to index Manuscripting to write down musical notes on a sheet of music paper within a Stave. Each line and the space above or below the lines of the Stave, represent the specific pitch of a note or sound. The appearance of a written symbol describes the duration of the note or sound, or the duration of the absence of sound. That is.. Some symbols represent what is to be heard while others indicate that no sound is to be heard. Other symbols represent in what way the sound is to be heard.

to index Mechanical
Pertaining to movement and function of a system in some material which runs not on a divine source of motivation, but an electrical, chemical, tensor or gravitic energy source directed or directing the movement of parts or particles to produce work or some effect.

Something is mechanical or of a mechanism when it is or can be seen as or in a closed system and the process requires or involves a sequence of events that can be repeated with the same outcomes.

A mechanical system can be under the control of or maintained by a Being or divine source. Sometimes a system appears to be maintained or controlled by a theta source when it is not, or may appear not to be when it is.... Sometimes a mechanical system is in control of or has a hold on a theta source, and much suffering can be caused to the theta source if 'it' is disregarded and the system is treated as purely mechanical.

to index Mechanical idiosyncrasy
The physical characteristics of a musical instrument define the way the instrument is handled or played and the nature of the sounds it can produce. Also it sets the limits of what the range of possibilities for that instrument are.

For example a piano cannot produce a sound like a flute. Tuning the piano in a particular way can produce some mimic of familiar sounds... such as a "bell like" tone.

A trumpet has three keys that are pressed to increase or decrease the actual length of tubing a 'wave' of vibrating air or sound has to travel in order to produce a variation in the pitch of the note being produced. The sound or voice made this way is very distinguishable from a sound produced by a bow of hair being drawn over metal strings.

The variety of movements that can be applied to any instrument has limits because of its structure, though some creative musicians do try to stretch those limits, and the results can be fascinating or result in a cacophony... sometimes damaging the instrument... with the exception that the sound of this destruction is desired by the musician in producing his kind of music. (God forbid.)

In a wind instrument, the mouth is controlled by the player to alter the "shape" of the notes, (timber, tone etc) and a degree of that kind of action is called upon as a mechanical necessity when moving from one note to another where there is a significant difference in the pitch.

It is interesting the number of physical variations that have been made down the centuries in constructing musical instruments, and the kinds of music that has resulted from them. Some physical characteristics of instruments produce sounds more appealing to some listeners than others, and of course the music created on any one of them has its own appeal depending on the listener.... and the player.

to index MEST
The letters from the words Matter, Energy, Space and Time, pronounced in one word.  It is the universe we are quite familiar with, like it or not... It is the universe of planets, space, stars, clouds, rain, land, vegetables, meat bodies, electric jugs, bacteria, heat, noise, light, etc... (assuming that light is of the mest universe...) It is the "3rd universe".

to index Modulate :

to index Moment : The motion.

to index Morality : The agreed-upon mode of conduct or behaviour.

to index Motivation :
What makes something move or act. Steam is the motive force or source of energy that drives a steam train. Petrol drives a car. Pleasure (as a "goal") of various kinds propels, drives or draws humans into all categories of actions. The reasons for any doingness is the motivation for the doingness. (The goal is usually a Havingness.) It can also be a reason for Being.

to index Music Music is an effect created on the common medium of "air" with a view to using it as a base for transmitting sculptured sound and perceived with the ear. The basic anatomy of sound can be described as a vibration; seen as a waveform. So the exercise of artful communication through sound creates desired effects on a listener.

The most aesthetic music is a divine creation in essence. It is the closest relative to the basic fabric of the physical universe. It is a composition of differences and similarities in a sequence. In its least aesthetic form, music is chaotic, discordant and ugly, and approximates the confusion of mind necessary to accept it.

In its crudest form music is composed of a rhythm wave that is no better than an ordinary noise. Speeding a piece of music of this level till the waveform of the rhythm is visible produces an audible hum or buzz with characteristics.

to index Note Pattern
The arrangement of notes in a time-frame without regard to their pitch. The note-duration and note-volume are what make up the note-pattern.

to index Original
adj: Not copied. The first one. Unique from another or others like it which would manifest in a new unit of time.  vrb: originate; originating.

to index Original Communication
n: The first moment an "idea is felt, seen or heard" that reveals a conceptual understanding of what, at first, is "a portrait-of-beingness-containing-experience". Perhaps not of ones own, and in some cases, usually not - as it is really a communication from a separate self; not necessarily "higher". It is an expression of "divine experience" of a Beingness. The expression is a flow of a Stillness or Image or Wave as/of music, art or beauty of a kind. Communion.

to index Origination
n: As different from a relay of a particle or idea. Bringing the idea into existence from the Original Communication rather than getting it or copying it from another source. Recognising it as an origination from the moment of creation into a universe context. This is what comprises origination.

to index Origination of Music
Is a translation of the origination of a "portrait of Beingness-containing-experience" as a flow of sound.  Music of the highest order is a communion, while art is a projection of the "Original Communication" with "intention to closest emulation" in the communication, as "an image - in sound-waveform".

When I originate music I "feel it-see it-hear it".. as I perform it while recording it. Thus the resultant recording is the closest thing to the "original communication". Something is retained that would be lost if I was to compose with manuscripting.

to index Parameters :  
A set of limits or measurements inside of which something can occur. The word is used mainly when talking about measurements. Setting or defining a limit or restriction of measurement. For example I have to operate within the limits of what the keyboard can do. Outside of those limits is outside the parameters of the keyboard. If I want to record a note or chord 48 parts of a beat long, I can set the duration of the event for a quaver, which is half a beat long. Or I can make a note extend for 10 bars with punch-in recording by setting what length it is to be, even though I just plunk the note with a single short press on the keyboard. It is useful on a digital instrument where a chord or note is to be added to a track where I want to start and finish a note within a specific time parameter. There are volume parameters, duration parameters, increasing or decreasing of volume over the span of a number of notes, such as fade-out or fade-ins.

to index Pentagram : The five pointed star symbol. The original symbol of Christianity till medieval times. It represents the 5 wounds of Christ : the symbol of Christ the Saviour. The Pentagram is the Morning Star of Venus, associated with Love and The Return of the life giving Sun (son), Lucifer (sol) ....the Light of the World. It represented the five virtues of the medieval Knight : courtesy, generosity, chivalry, piety and chastity. The 5 pointed star of the spirit, earth, air, water and fire, enclosed within the circle of Eternal Spirit, connects each point showing All things are Connected.

to index Physical Universe The physical universe is the one you feel with another bit... you're body bit. It is a continuously created closed system.... for Beings to be DO-ing a lot of HAVING. It is the universe of force and counter-force. MEST. Trouble, resistance and pain occurs when one is intent on altering, destroying or making vanish a universe not of ones own creation. Force begets counter force. Asking for permission of the creator of it, upon understanding the nature of it, for change or freedom in relation to it, is the key way. Physical Universe does not mean it is solid, only that it is bound by structure and "law" (custom).

to index Playlist m3u file : This is a "playlist shortcut" to a number of mp3s, (for example) and causes a music player such as Winamp to play each file in the order dictated within the m3u file. eg: CD001-First Light of Mind. <----- This hyperlink connects to a playlist shortcut called "broughton-1st_light_collection-128kbps.m3u" which referring to a collection of files online. The above link and playlist file will only work if you are online.

A link can connect to a playlist shortcut that refers to
a)  a collection of playable files on the computer or
b)  playable files on a removable media (CD, USB stick) in a Rom drive etc or
c) to a collection of playable files online.
d) etc.

to index Plus feature : The addition of something as an upgrade.

to index Presence The degree of being in the "present time". The manifestation of the degree of one's actual level or state of Having-ness and willingness to BE.

to index Punch-In Recording :  Recording music note by note. Recording one note or chord individually. A synthesiser can be set on record much like a tape recorder, then by pressing the record button the instrument will record the next note or chord with the parameters that you set for it individually.

to index Real-time Recording : 
This is the name given to the facility in a synthesiser that allows you to record the music as it is being played. "Real-time" is a term which refers to the actual event of recording live, as different from recording music note by note, such as writing it down or recording one note or chord individually.

to index
Relay : Passing it on.

to index Rote learning performance :

to index Scientism "This is the belief that scientific knowledge is the only valid kind of knowledge, and that the scientific community is the ultimate arbiter of what is true. Many people who call themselves atheists or agnostics are believers in Scientism, as are a number of reformed Jews and liberal Christians. From this point of view, traditional authority and revelatory religious experiences are viewed with suspicion or even contempt. Despite the fact that many of Scientism's followers claim to be non-religious or even hostile to religion, Scientism's defining beliefs themselves are not scientifically testable and must be classified as religious beliefs. Many fundamentalist Christians believe (correctly, in my opinion) that Scientism has replaced Christianity as the unofficial state religion." -by Doug Muder

to index Separations and Unities :

to index September 11th, 2003 : A third dynamic cancerous event in America.

to index Sequence : One thing follows another.

to index Sequencer
This is the name given to the set-up in a synthesiser that records and 'plays back' the sequence of notes as they were performed. The sequencer keeps the notes you have played in their proper order and gives them back to you in that order. Notes can be punched in if the synthesiser is equipped with that facility, but the usual way is to just record as you play.

A taped record, doesn't allow the sequence of notes to get jumbled up, as they are laid down on a fixed medium. To rearrange the sequence of notes you'd have to cut and rejoin the bits of tape in a new sequence.

Computers are useful here in that a note or a sequence of notes on the screen can be selected, and "cut and pasted" in a new position. Then when the sequencer program plays the notes they will sound in the new sequence. A bar or selection of bars can be repeated and the pitch of the notes adjusted within that note pattern.

to index Sequencers
This is a general name that is used loosely to refer to electronic music keyboards, as much as the term "keyboard" is used. However some keyboards do not have a
sequencer, as a sequencer is inseparably related to the recording and automatic replaying of musical notes. Without a sequencer "on board" a keyboard is really only a performance instrument and not a playback instrument.

to index Some kind of channel : 
It is easy to mis-identify an "experience of a higher type" and get into so much debate about what is really going on. 

Illness or shock leaning to unconsciousness, or the effect of poisons, etc., are the usual ways that most people experience a "lower level of consciousness". But poisons, severe pain might create apparent "higher states" of mind too. When something becomes a little unbearable, one involuntarily tries to escape...

Music, art and literature created while in those states may seem worthy especially to people who have experienced similar things. But I believe "real art" arises when the actual "channel to the Akashic state" is opened through self-determinism and inspiration.

Spiritual endeavour is what I'm referring to. Prayer, meditation, admiration or any spiritual process that frees the theta, opens the channel. "What opens the door allowing the opener into the open?"

to index Soul : The Soul is the whole person not including the physical aspects of the person. The individual personality. The idea one has of one's Self, including the quality of one's Being. See: Beingness.

to index Stave : The most common form of musical notation today is for notes to be written on a stave of 5 lines. The lines and spaces within the five lines represent pitch of notes as does the spaces and any "lines and spaces" above or below the stave.

The original stave was made up of 11 lines. The middle line was middle "C". It was called the Grand Stave, or C stave. An artistic clef was drawn in at the beginning of each 11 line stave and as the middle line was "middle C", it was called the "C" Clef.

Eventually it was decided that man was not going to evolve much further, and that 10 fingers were our lot... that is... 5 fingers only, on each of only two hands. So some bright spark made the middle line into a dash which appeared on the paper when a note was hung on it, and the top 5 lines were governed by a "treble" clef, (right hand for the pianist), The lower 5 lines governed by a "base" clef. (that left the left hand free for that lot)

Different clefs were used to establish a stave of 5 lines from anywhere on the grand "c" clef stave for music written for a specific instrument. A musician could identify which musical instrument the music was intended for just by the type of clef it was written in. A few are:- the Alto Clef, the Tenor Clef, the Soprano Clef and so on. So why not two 5 line staves for the pianist, who has two hands.... Need I say more.... We won't go into the subject of "the organists" using their feet, for example, to complicate things here any further.... :)

to index Synthesise : Make up a product from ingredients that comprise the original.

to index Synthesizer : In particular, an electronic instrument that is designed to create musical sound that emulates the sound of another instrument, particularly an acoustic instrument.... but also to create musical sound and sound effects that are limited only by the imagination.

to index Theta Life force. 'Elan vital. The creative energy of a Thetan. Beauty and Causation. The native ability to divine; to create motion, or cause art... Theta is "good" communication; "good" thoughts and intentions.

to index The Three Universes :  "My universe... Your universe... and the common universe of agreed upon forms - MEST."

to index This Place
A lot could be said about this concept. "This place" is unique in time and is unique in space. It is not a copy or a duplicate of any other place. It is the only one that is being referred to. This place is  viewed as different from perhaps another dimensional similar or seeming copy. It is a world system moment and position.

to index Time There are several views of time.

Musically, Time is all important, and I am not here talking about "rate of rhythm".

Between two points of havingness exists "Experience".

The entrance point of havingness is "Before" or "Will have". The exit point is "Had" which presumes or considers that the experience is over. The Experience part is the Havingness. It has a beginning and an end. Time is a perception of the position and the change of position you occupy in a cycle of havingness.

It is what one observes as a sequence of change or apparent no change. Of course, we all know that nothing is absolutely stationary. It is only relatively stationary.


Someone gave me the example of the cow that is facing you for half an hour, and you and the cow are on a truck, which is traveling along a road. The cow is stationary, relative to you, but not to the road.

Music is even more interesting in relation to "Relativity", as we are dealing with the Havingness that is a product of "sound". (notice the use of the word "sound" viewed as in "solid" or "real".)

Sound is really a "carrier" of patterns and waveforms that the human ear collects and the brain interprets so that YOU can perceive what the composer was saying with the sound. Thus thence called Music. There are musicians who make sound that I could not call music. But it is all a matter of Art. Thou Art.  (More later)

Relativity also can have something to do with quantity and size.

As a composer, one can give a little or give a lot. Sometimes a very desired piece of music is too short it seems. There are more that are too long. The right duration of a piece of music (including any "changes in tone" etc,) is when the composer has "said what was/has to be said". Some tend to "rave on" because they "like the sound of their own voice"... not that there is anything particularly wrong with that I guess... It has to do with the Art of Music.... which has a relationship to the Art of Writing... as in the transfer of "meaning".

to index Trauma : A misalignment experience that offends one's Will. An upset of considerable proportion.

to index Trauma Induced Exteriorization or O. B. Experience : 
The enforced experience of an apparently higher plane of consciousness arising out of a severe emotional stress, emotional shock, or physical pain. Due to the "necessity level" of the impulse to Survival kicking in, one is forced to go exterior to the pain, the mind and sometimes the body. This results in an experience of "direct viewing" that may be hard for some to understand due to the premises of their philosophies.
Poisons that cause this are oddly called hallucinogens, as if to confirm that direct viewing in an exterior state is a hallucination..

But an enforced exteriorisation experience can cause a "stuck point of attention" - which, as time goes by, works against experiencing that state through "natural consciousness" - after all, it is a traumatic experience we're talking about, (enforced havingness - makes one shy of having again... ) not a "normal" experience of some aspect or fractal of one's consciousness.

Trauma induced experiences of an apparently higher state of consciousness which may not contain exteriorisation, are more likely to be actually hallucinations.... They appear to be of a "different level" than the "normal" awareness, but are a kind of "projection"..... dreaming awake. Someone in this state is best helped by restorative sleep, food attending to nutrition and little expectations or responsibilities until improvement brings about a "normality"..... repatriation. There is always a natural degree of exteriorisation in the "normal" state. This is dependent on the individual's or groups tone level.

"New experience", understandings, wins and aesthetics bring about a "natural progression of awareness", producing "higher consciousness" in the form of freer imagination, released creativity etc... and thus natural exteriorisation. A very different kettle of fish than trauma or poison induced OBEs.

An OBE is a little different than what is intended as natural state or relative state of Exteriorisation, as OBEs can be induced by a traumatic incident of short or long duration, and can be a hallucinatory projection too. One should never force this reality in any way, on anyone, on any level.

to index "You Can't Take It With You" :  An expression which mocks the greedy materialist types who, when faced with the prospect of having to let go of the corpse they're wearing, want to hang on and can't part with their money, possessions and status of this life, though I am not suggesting it is an easy thing to do for any being. The phrase is a focus on the motivation of greed and fixation. But it is true that love and fear of losing contact with others plays a part in not being able or willing to let go as well.

to index Universe :  A whole system of created things... There are basically three universes associated with normal livingness. 1)   One's own universe. 2)   The other person's  universe and  3)   The mest or Objective universe.

The Objective universe is erroneously regarded as a Subjectivity. I have not found any evidence to support the idea that MEST is a Subjective Objectivity. However its Objectivity may well result from the entire objectivization of all participants in the same subjectivity. From within the MEST Universe it can only be effected as an Objectivity... so far.

There are confusions about this to be sure.

It is one's Tone level, Considerations and Karma that are the source of ones connection or degree of "entrapment" within it. It is in fact a Universe of Base Havingness.

The main source of "trouble" for the individual in his own universe, is the intrusion of "the other person's universe" - particularly if unnoticed or forgotten.  There has been a "collision of Universes". Where Universes blend in harmony there is degrees of ARC.

to index Universal pond :   This is most often known as the Akashic Record. Regarded as the universal memory if you like. I have referred to it as the "Pool of Souls" elsewhere. It is really a 'place' where you find yourself when you "tune in" to your "higher" or "real" self. It feels the safest place to be and the place where you experience insight, peace and tranquility. It is also where you can create and contact a wider range of emotions, and where communication reaches its ultimate forms.


"The only place you find success before work is in the dictionary."

-   May V. Smith

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