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 St Helena Island.... The jewel of the South Atlantic

22-01-2010 :- I have finally found out that the music is composed by an English "New World" composer by the name of MEDWYN GOODALL and the track is called Temple Journey from the album Medicine Woman. What a perfectly appropriate piece of music for this lovely video about such a remarkable place as St Helena Island way out in the waters of the raging South Atlantic. Unfortunately or not, I think after studying the Island for a couple of months that Medwyn's music "reveals far more about the Island" than the local music does.

If you are in Killarney... Then you are sure to understand what it's all about.

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Save Planet Earth!!!

Achieve Desert Reversal to save the elephants and man through man made forest carbon sinks for Plankton and Coral Rehabilitation and the protection of Wilderness.

Plant salt bush tundra and deep-root trees for land rescue and recovery. Create low level stone weirs to encourage the proliferation of areas of micro climate.