David R Broughton's
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This section of this website is really a look into "My Home Universe" - or what might be referred to as my Family history. Most of my life history will be covered in "The Autobiography", that may or may never be written, so this section will look at the "family track".... from birth to where I seem to be now.... looking at the Family Dynamic in particular.

A "graphical interface" of my family tree is being attempted through Genealogy websites such as...., and and

It has been very difficult getting together so much needed information, as the main sources who could have supplied it are no longer available. My Mother is missing since 1969 and after my father last saw me as a very very young child, he lived most of his life believing I had died as a child. The story will unfold through this section of my website as to how this information came to light.

Despite repeated attempts to get help in making contact "with my past" through agencies of the Australian Government, I found they were less than useless and frankly couldn't care less. After years of dealing with "government departments" I am convinced that the Public Service cannot be expected to behave any better than it does. It is made of of people who work for a wage and a government that changes within years. Time passes and people are born and people die. "SO WHAT" they think.

Perhaps we are to be "bred" or "trained" into a docile, disposable population... totally "controlled" by someone's hidden agenda. The evidence seems to confirm that the destruction of traditional Australian family life is well under way, and before I am dead I would not be surprised to see either a fair-dinkum Red-Asian Australia or a multi-cultural blood-bath in its place. Certainly becoming a Republic will mark one of the  most dreaded periods in Australian history.... from which I wonder how it could recover.

In the meantime, memories like these, recorded by the "old Australians" may have some entertainment value at least, and may be considered quaint. I would like this record to be one of these, but more that there may be a remote possibility, it might help "keep or make some people more honest"... at least for a while. In other words, actually reveal their true intentions for this country... not that anyone who should cares any more. There are too many shiny toys for the distracted, overpaid, and over valued numbers who prevent change, fairness or justice.

As I am here, mainly concentrating on Family matters, I will touch on enough background to carry the story along as to what happened with whom and why, but the detail will be in the larger Autobiography that I hope to complete before the space ship arrives.... if there is still any point at the time.